When choosing the perfect wood flooring for your home, there are many choices to make. And one of those choices is color.

Many wood species' have natural colors you might choose to enjoy. Or you can also select a specific stain color to achieve the look you want.

Natural colors for hardwood flooring

All-natural wood colors are a trend that we see returning for many reasons. Highlighting colors that appear in hardwood also brings out the natural grain pattern.

Streaks and imperfections show the true character of any solid hardwood flooring. And adding a matte finish stays in the realm of realism that will serve any decor well.

Light stain colors

If you need a floor covering that hides dirt and is easy to clean, light wood stains are a perfect choice. You'll also enjoy a more spacious feeling room, especially if you have a lot of natural light.

The neutral nature of these stain colors also creates a perfect backdrop for your decor. Even the most lavish style looks great on light hardwood stain colors.

Dark stain colors

Dark stain colors make your wood flooring much less susceptible to sun damage. In addition, these colors absorb light instead of reflecting, which helps the dark hue last much longer.

The richness of your wood's grain pattern stands out for stunning results. And you'll find it adds remarkable value to your home as well.

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